Monday, 18 Nov 2013

Simon StålenhagSimon Stålenhag

Plus, Howard, the world’s first Kim Jong-un. I want one for my birthday party.

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Vietnam War Photos

Monday, 26 Nov 2012

These come from a fantastic collection of lesser-seen Vietnam War photos that can be viewed here.

I can’t recall where these were referred onto from (came back from the weekend to find this buried amongst tabs and that I also have amnesia), so I’ve little context on this collection, apart from the fact that they’re all great.

[ link ]

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Monday, 10 Sep 2012

An X-Ray of a Heliotrygon Gomesi Stingray

Also, this automated bar-tending drinks machine. Wants it.

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Monday, 03 Sep 2012

And just because; here is some Maru…

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Friday, 10 Aug 2012

History of Comics in 6 Panels with write up via Paul Lopes

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