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Wednesday, 13 Nov 2013

…or catching up on about three months of internet.



Dialup handshake example

Sociology (and stuff)

 A view taken from the side of one of the many lagoons at the New York World's Fair on July 7, 1939. Light brings out some of the wondrous beauty as erected at the "World of Tomorrow". The famous statue of George Washington is silhouetted against the lighted Perisphere. (AP Photo)The 1939 New York World’s Fair


Supercut: 50 “four in the morning”sMuseum of Four in the Morning




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Overdue Bookmarks

Wednesday, 16 Jan 2013

Lastly, a super-cut of famous people playing themselves

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Today’s bookmarks

Friday, 21 Dec 2012

Lastly, the latest TEDEd on ‘What is colour’ gives a very concise and simple explanation on the how with some very nice animation too.

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Bookmarks 11/12/12

Tuesday, 11 Dec 2012

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Saturday, 08 Dec 2012

Building the Big Apple

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