Friday, 19 Jul 2013

FyVXxEvolution of the alphabet

I really should be posting this stuff more often rather than piling up these posts over the course of days. Well, should…

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The Complete MSL Curiosity Descent (in HD)

Thursday, 23 Aug 2012

Was going to post and comment on this write up’s ‘counter-arguement’ on Curiosity’s cultural investment/benefits, but then this high resolution footage of the rover’s decent phase from the rover’s point-of-view came out and the thinking is simply: Who care? It’s still goddamn amazing enough that we’ve got a friggin’ Tank of Science on another planetary body.

UPDATE: some reddit user has interpolated the original’s images, creating a ‘smoother’ 25 fps version of the original video. Nice.

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Friday, 10 Aug 2012

History of Comics in 6 Panels with write up via Paul Lopes

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Thursday, 09 Aug 2012

Finally, a recording still for the ages: In 1996, just months before he died, Carl Sagan recorded this message to future colonists living on Mars.

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Wednesday, 08 Aug 2012

This also looks interesting: aupcoming HBO documentary called About Face that speaks with former supermodels and talks about plastic surgery and the business of beauty.

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