Friday, 05 Jul 2013

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And awesome! New Walking Dead DLC has been released!

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Friday, 17 Aug 2012

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Best Ever Movie Review Ever

Wednesday, 26 Sep 2007

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, but decided I’d leave it to a post onto its own…

Go watch Stardust.

If you’ve already seen it, go watch it again. If you don’t want to go alone, I’ll totally come along to see it again with you. And if you don’t want to see it… I’ll just hate you with full blown Nazi AIDS hate.

I’ve gone on about it before about how its like one of my all time favourite super awesome-o mega loved books and I’ve always read good things from the authour about how excellent an adaptation of the book it is and just watching the trailers about how sexy cool awesome it is and having watched it… holy crap my pants giga awesome it sure as hell is indeed. Great adaptation. Totally fun. Awesome everything. And I soiled myself with such delight watching it, my bowel movements were also applauding the film.

Best movie review ever? Yeah, best movie review ever… man, I’d love one of those taglines of mine to be used on a film poster one day…

“You’ll shit your pants with awesome!” -Chris Tan

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Orange Ball of Peace

Tuesday, 20 Mar 2007

Realising to myself I haven’t updated the blog in several days, which is pretty slack by recent standards, but I have been a tad busy lately… And its starting to get very cold around now, really quickly…

Picked up a ridiculous amount of video store hours this week which is almost killing my social life if I actually had one. Though there are some small drinks planned this weekend, which will no doubt feel very deserved.

Editing on Pictures of You continues and starting to take shape and form more and more. A minor set back of hard drive space happening when it was realised the external purchased by Ben was a USB and not firewire… silly, silly man.

Spit-Takes: A Mouthful of Comedy is almost done shooting! After much shooting over each other’s clashing schedules, there just remains voice overs, a cafe scene and miscellaneous montage shots to be done. It’s good considering daylight savings has kicked in and that leaves a lot less time to shoot during the day by our timing of things. Editing commencing soon too.

In negotiations for a job for the museum, but that’s at a really early process and not much can be said about so.

Oh, and I’m now a paid tutor at Uni starting Thursday. Which just gets the mega lolz from people considering I dropped out of that place years ago. It’ll be interesting to see how this situation will turn out. No doubt it’ll involve masses of students, things on fire, a small child saying “don’t drink the water” and me riding a rhino into battle… Awesome.

But not quite as awesome as blowing up super-huge sand sculptures and playing them backwards, in reverse…

There was also a really cool Stardust trailer-of-sorts up on Youtube over the weekend, but it looks like that’s been taken down. It was very loose in how it was put together and obviously not the proper final trailer (much like the first 300 one), but the film looks really good and with such an awesome cast and being based on one of my (if not the) favourite books, it’s gonna be great. I always dreamed I’d adapt or be involved in adapting it into a film, but it looks like they’ve done it right with this one and besides, I’ve still got my plans for that Tolkien rings thing book and that one about that English boy and magic school… Oh… wait…

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