Wednesday, 30 Jan 2013

Also, it’s pretty mean, but this edit of Lance Armstrong’s confession interview with Oprah recut to the lyrics of Radiohead’s Creep is very well done.

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Today’s bookmarks

Friday, 29 Jun 2012

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8-Bit Radiohead

Thursday, 24 May 2012

These full length renditions are incredibly well done. First up is OK Computer

And then Kid A

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3 Things: Loud Noises

Monday, 07 May 2012

I’m not even sure what you call this process of… er, using non-music based objects to create tunes; I’m sure there’s a term for it and I’m not thinking right today, but whatevers. It’s cool.

First off is the original DOOM video game theme played on eight floppy drives:

Old favourite one of Radiohead’s Nude on an array of old computer components:

And finally, I couldn’t figure out which video from these guy’s channel to choose from, but eventually settled on In the Hall of the Mountain King (though in retrospect, something mathematically Mozart would be wonderfully appropriate).

Either way, musical Tesla coils. Are. Awesome.

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