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Monday, 25 Jun 2012

National Geographic Traveler Magazine: 2012 Photo ContestBig Picture: National Geographic Traveler Magazine: 2012 Photo Contest

And because you can never have too much Community related things on the internet:

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For a few videos galore

Wednesday, 14 Dec 2011

Been somewhat busy again, but no matter. Carrying on a recent trend of posting videos, here are a few more I’ve picked up my website absence…

First off is a reading of ’twas the night before Christmas’ in several impersonated voices.  Not all are spot on, but the range and ease of transitions are pretty damn impressive in this…


Second for some real good fun is this little animated pokemon short which everyone has probably seen by now but I just love.


And then we have a demonstration by the brilliant folks at MIT of a camera that can capture video of photons traveling at the speed of light.  Awesome concept?  Awesome concept.


Here’s a quick slice of some Battlefield 3 gameplay that is just top shelf with perfect choice of music…


And finally, this stop-frame animated short film is just brilliant and effective in its simplicity.


Actually, make that one second to last.  Thinking about it, I probably should have separated these out more, but meh…  This one can thematically round out this post where we started with something Christmas and we’ll end with something else Christmas-ish… (if it doesn’t inadvertently ends everything else in the world)…

You’re welcome.

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This is just straight up awesome

Thursday, 09 Jun 2011

Researchers at MIT are well on the way to developing a new alternate type of battery that in essence is a soft state liquid, making it easier to ‘refuel’ electronics, from electric cars to basically whatever the hell they’ll think of next.

The new battery relies on an innovative architecture called a semi-solid flow cell, in which solid particles are suspended in a carrier liquid and pumped through the system. In this design, the battery’s active components — the positive and negative electrodes, or cathodes and anodes — are composed of particles suspended in a liquid electrolyte. These two different suspensions are pumped through systems separated by a filter, such as a thin porous membrane.
The new design should make it possible to reduce the size and the cost of a complete battery system, including all of its structural support and connectors, to about half the current levels. That dramatic reduction could be the key to making electric vehicles fully competitive with conventional gas- or diesel-powered vehicles, the researchers say.

The concept of this is so brilliant and forward thinking, even just theoretical applications of use, not just to cars, already conjures up all sorts of different uses that’ll make our everyday lives more fluid and efficient. The future, I fucking love it. Read more on it here.

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