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Monday, 26 Nov 2012

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Well done internet…

Friday, 23 Dec 2011

A few years ago I made the conscious decision to stop watching trailers. Avoid them at all possible cost. For me, the state of movie advertising has gotten so bad, that by the end of watching a trailer, chances are, you’ve already seen over half the movie’s plot*.

Thanks, but fuck off, no thanks.

That has been the norm for years up until this very week, where I just clicked that I’ve watched the trailers for The Hobbit, The Dark Knight Rises and now Ridley Scott’s Alien-esque prequel Prometheus.  Granted that they’re all teasers, yeah it’s just images and impressions of what the final film will be like, and hells yeah do I feel excitement for all of them, but man, do I feel very wrong in watching trailers again like that.

Anyhow, here’s the one for Prometheus, definitely more and more becoming my most anticipated flick for 2012.

* best example is the trailer for Drive. DON’T watch the trailer for Drive before you see Drive.

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I Got Nothing

Tuesday, 02 Oct 2007

It was my first weekend off from any filming commitments and it was awesome. Not so awesome was the fact I didn’t really end up doing anything else. But hey, I’m not complaining.

Finally had a haircut on Friday and now my hair is like all tidy and shorter. It was actually a shock to the system as its pretty much the shortest its been all year and I’ve been systematically avoiding going to get haircuts because everything I go in, I always seem to ask for more cutting to go on than I usually intend. Probably because I can’t see shit while their cutting and I have to have my glasses off, but meh… it’s tidy. At least my mum will be happy.

But yeah, not a lot going on. This is one of those dull periods where I’ve really got nothing to blog about and it’s hard to consistently come up with something to post about. Maybe tomorrow I’ll go poke a wasps nest with a stick with a pissed off wolverine tied to the end. Maybe that’ll spark something interesting to blog about.

In the meantime, WIRED did an interview with my personal jebus Ridley Scott about his final ultimate rerelease of one of my all time favourite films Blade Runner and have you seen the Ultimate Collector’s Edition coming out? I’m like omgwtfbbq awesome. Anyway, interview can be read here.

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