Friday, 25 Jan 2013

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Holiday 3D projection

Thursday, 24 Nov 2011

This is an impressive light show projection in New York called The Snowflake & Bubble Spectacular. Commissioned by Saks Fifth Avenue for their holiday season, this was developed by marketing firm Iris, whose works have also been seen at the 2008 Summer Olympics and 2010 World Cup and did a pretty good job of it here too.

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Immersive Surfaces

Tuesday, 18 Oct 2011

Holy crap, even though I’d been ‘away’ from the internet for a while, in that time I’ve still managed to bookmark a whole buncha junk and articles. Some still relevant, but mostly junk. At least it’ll in providing some extra content while I get back into this rhythm of blogging again.

In the meantime, this is the Immersive Surfaces installation, a multi-artist video projection project that mapped over 30,000 sq feet of the Manhattan Bridge Anchorage. To describe it another word, VisuallyFuckingAwesome.

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