Hokie Dokie…

Saturday, 14 Sep 2019

So, after two straight days of coding, grasping to get the basic functions of wordpress working again, and only just figuring out why all the colours kept mysteriously screwing with me (thanks night light), I finally got this old bastard of a blog back up and running again.

Buckle-up buckaroos!

It’s 2019 and it’s been almost four years since my last post and even more years since blogging was of any cultural relevance. I’ve the best timing…

But I’ve missed this stupid thing and the thought of firing it up again has been gnawing away at the back of my head for quite some time now, somewhere between getting a bit more sleep and making amends to everyone I’ve wounded.

So, for now, here’s the site up and existing; and once I figure out in the morning how much of a mess I’ve left the backend code in, I’ll get to adding all the other bits and bobs that…  websites do these days? Who the hell knows… 2019. Fuck it.

posted at 05:08