Kseniya Simonova

Oct 2009

Okay, I was pretty impressed by this, you will be too…

Kseniya Simonova (born 1985 as Ксения Симонова) is a sand animator from Ukraine. She was the 2009 Winner of Ukraine’s Got Talent, constructing an animation that portrayed life during USSR’s Great Patriotic War against the Third Reich in World War II.


Goddamn Mondays

Aug 2009

Woke up this morning to the sound of glass smashing. Thanks crappy garage door and insane winds combo. You’re a winner.

Meanwhile, well aware how behind I am, have taken measures to catch up on the fact that I’ve not been watching movies that much. Not as much as usual anyhow. And I seem to be buying lots of DVDs buts not watching them all. I won’t mention the exact number/ratio to the total number of DVDs, but it’s pretty bad. So the current aim is to watch about two or three movies watched per day till I’ve caught up, which ain’t too impractical of a number, it’ll just take a while… maybe a few months. (yeah, that many).

Internet has been pretty quiet the last few days and everything else in general really. Well… nothing worth blogging about. Unless you can write about writing? Pfft. Boring.

So here’s an article of pure baddassery where a man wrestled with a 12 foot tiger shark for two hours to save his friend (with pictures!) here.

And a video of epic wtf proportions…

Yeah, I’m just as confused as to why I posted that too. And now I go in search of coffee, cause Mondays suck and my head feels a little like this Gary Busey gif…

Keeping it Simple

Aug 2009

Still pretty tired and have to wake up early in the morning so keeping this even briefer.

Cracked.com is great. This new post Clippy Finally Messes With the Wrong Word Doc is pretty amusing.

So is this of a Man Glued to Toilet Seat.

New Scientist presents the Mystery of the Missing Mini-Galaxies and my mind went a little missing reading it.

And finally a very cool Lego animated video tribute to the 8-bit games of yesteryears. Cheers to Fin for the awesomeness there.