Paper-Scissors-Rock robot with 100% winning rate

Jun 2012

So I wanted to post about this robot developed at Tokyo Uni’s Ishikawa Oku Laboratory that uses a high-speed camera to predict how a human hand moves during a game of paper-scissors-rock, allowing it to react within one millisecond…

But then I scrolled down to see the youtube comments and as always, they’re the wonderful antithesis of horror and hilarity.

Janken (rock-paper-scissors) Robot - youtube comments

Oh Great…

May 2011

Science is awesome.  But slow down with the helping our future robot overlords.

Magnetic scout-bots to sneak on board ship
“Throwbots”, which can be tossed through a window or door, are standard equipment for many US police forces. These small robots – invaluable in sieges and hostage situations – are designed to always land right side up before being driven around by remote control, beaming back video from inside a building.
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