Jul 2013

0JrYLH8F = m*a

And like Shiva the destroyer, here is Scientifically Accurate Ducktales

2 x Music Videos (+1 Great Promo)

Mar 2013

First two are great stop-motion pieces of amazing design and quality. The last one is just a delightfully hilarious short about a hand’s creation not quite going to plan and tiny animated destruction ensues.

Black Books “Favorite Place”

Directed by Christophe Thockler

Shugo Tokumaru “Katachi”

Directed by Kijek/Adamski

‘Fight For Everyone’ Music Promo for The Leisure Society.

by Persistent Peril

Oh Hi…

Feb 2013

…yeah, been slack on the updates lately I know, but will resume regular interneting soon once this surprisingly busy period passes.


Edit: yeah, zero idea what the previous (and subsequently deleted) video was, so here’s a video for some Resort Collection or… something. I dunno, but it’s awesome.