3 Things: videos

Jun 2012

Backpedaling slightly after having mostly posted article links during the last week or so. Inversely, its mostly video content at the moment, so here’s three more random lots of them.

First is fake supercut/recut trailer for “Chuck Norris: The Movie”.

Next, a rather smart fellas re-redition of the original Super Mario Bros. game in 3D:

And lastly, I’ve had no idea how to post this, but essentially, it’s like the many, many, many hidden camera gotcha! videos that’s all over youtube at the moment, but the appeal to this humourous video is that it’s really the lovely ‘host/prankster’ who is the most awkward subject as he tries to use Blink-182 lyrics as pick-up lines.

3 Things: Short Films

Jun 2012

First, a lovely short starring Kevin Spacey.

Then, a rather creative projection-based short that Gondry would be proud of…

Speed of Light

And lastly, not actually a short film, but a trailer for an upcoming one about “two Japanese salary men who’s lives radically change when one of them eats a live puffer fish in a sushi bar”. Looks great.


3 Things: Booze

May 2012

Interestingly, web feed this morning has had a lot of alcohol related videos for some reason. Here are the highlights…

First, a really fun compilation of beer opening methods.

…topped by this guy using a chainsaw:

Opening Beer with Chainsaw

And finally, what could indeed be the world’s best bartender; though admittedly, I’d want him to just poor the damn drinks if I were a patron…

World’s Best Bartender

Also as extra, this beer commercial with Charlie sheen is quite fun.